pmon (BIOS of Loongson)

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Compile Guide

  1. Download cross complie environment: mips-elf.tar.gz
  2. Extra mips-elf.tar.gz to /usr/local/comp/
    tar xpf  mips-elf.tar.gz -C /
  3. Get PMON's source code
    git clone git://
  4. Checkout an appropriate tag
  5. Set Path. e.g.
    export PATH=/usr/local/comp/mips-elf/gcc-2.95.3/bin/:$PATH
  6. Build pmoncfg tool
    cd /path/to/pmon_dir
    cd tools/pmoncfg
    cp pmoncfg /usr/bin
  7. Run pmoncfg, configure Bonito (pmoncfg will generate some helper files, in the directory: /path/to/pmon_dir/Targets/dir_corresponding_to_your_target_hardware/complie)
    cd /path/to/pmon_dir
    cd Targets/dir_corresponding_to_your_target_hardware/conf
    pmoncfg Bonito
    Notes: Bonito2F7inch is also used by 8.9inch notebook
  8. Complie PMON
    cd /path/to/pmon_dir
    cd zloader.dir_corresponding_to_your_target_hardware
    make tgt=rom
    • Still, zloader.2f7inch is also used by 8.9inch notebook
    • The make tgt=? has three options:
      • rom: yield a gzrom.bin, then burn it to the materbord's rom (this can be done in the old pmon's console)
      • ram: yield a gzram, then load it & boot in the old pmon's console. In this way, you can test your complied pmon.
      • sim: we haven't used this.
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