BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
linux-3.10Update config files for LS2H bridge driversHuacai Chen3 weeks
linux-3.5Linux 3.5.0-11.lemoteHuacai Chen5 months
linux-3.6net: increase fragment memory usage limitsJesper Dangaard Brouer15 months
masterUpdate config files for LS2H bridge driversHuacai Chen3 weeks
temp-3bWorkarounds for Loongson-3BSi Zhiying7 months
3.5.0-11.lemotecommit 323d0b02d1...Huacai Chen5 months
3.5.0-10.lemotecommit 9603292d21...Huacai Chen7 months
3.5.0-9.lemotecommit 0168a565c8...Huacai Chen15 months
3.5.0-8.lemotecommit c2990f0161...Huacai Chen15 months
3.5.0-7.lemotecommit a4a98e5ab7...Huacai Chen15 months
3.5.0-6.lemotecommit ffa160273b...Huacai Chen15 months
3.5.0-5.lemotecommit bfbeeb8aae...Huacai Chen15 months
3.5.0-4.lemotecommit b2ce495dd7...Huacai Chen15 months
3.5.0-3.lemotecommit fb796445ff...Huacai Chen15 months
3.5.0-2.lemotecommit 9c677f5922...Huacai Chen15 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-07-10Update config files for LS2H bridge driversHEADmasterHuacai Chen
2015-07-10Loongson: Add LS2H HD-Audio supportHuacai Chen
2015-07-10Loongson: Add memory type UMA_VIDEO_RAM to pass shared VRAM infoHuacai Chen
2015-07-10Loongson: Add basic support for LS2H bridgeHuacai Chen
2015-07-10IGB: Detect and recover weird rx hang bugHuacai Chen
2015-07-10Input: i8042 - Make i8042_bypass_aux_irq_test as a module parameterHuacai Chen
2015-07-10drm/radeon: recover the GPU if it fails at resumeHuacai Chen
2015-07-10MIPS syscall auditing patchesRalf Baechle
2015-07-10platform: export psmouse::touchpad led devicechenj
2015-07-10Retry to configure USB device if neededHuacai Chen