AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-01-31MIPS: R4K Timer: Fix overflow checkingtiny36Wu Zhangjin
2011-01-29syscall: Make *sys_{alarm, setitimer, getitimer} configurableWu Zhangjin
2011-01-29MIPS: Loongson: update nano_defconfigWu Zhangjin
2011-01-29drivers: Make /dev/kmsg virtual device support configurableWu Zhangjin
2011-01-29drivers: Make /dev/port device support configurableWu Zhangjin
2011-01-29random: Make random support configurableWu Zhangjin
2011-01-29MIPS, kexec: Fix building error for !CONFIG_CMDLINE_OVERRIDEWu Zhangjin
2011-01-29MIPS: Loongson: nano_defconfigWu Zhangjin
2011-01-28kmod: Make user mode helpers configurableWu Zhangjin
2011-01-28coredump: Make it configurableWu Zhangjin
2011-01-28scripts: Remove the dummy file: dummy.cWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27MIPS: Loongson: Update nano_defconfigWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27MIPS: Loongson: Fix the parameters handlingWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27param: Make the param parsing support be configurableWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27MIPS: Make high resolution sched_clock() configurableWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27MIPS, param: Init arcs_cmdlineWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27sysfs: Remove all shutdown functions if !CONFIG_SYSFSWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27sysfs: Remove pci-sysfs.o if !CONFIG_SYSFSWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27sysfs: Remove buses_init() if !CONFIG_SYSFSWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27sysfs: Remove sysfs from block/elevator.o if !CONFIG_SYSFSWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27sysfs: Remove block/blk-sysfs.o if !CONFIG_SYSFSWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27sysfs: Convert inline functions to macros for better code generationWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27sysfs: Remove more attr, uevent... if !CONFIG_SYSFSWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27sysfs: Remove kernel/ksysfs.o if !CONFIG_SYSFSWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27scripts: add for quick string searchingWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27param: Enhance the CONFIG_MODULE_PARAMWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27MAX_CMDLINECONSOLES: Make the size of console_cmdline[] configurableWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27sysfs, fb: Remove attributes group if !CONFIG_SYSFSWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27sysfs, scsi: Remove attributes group if !CONFIG_SYSFSWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27sysfs: Remove all of sysfs_ops if !CONFIG_SYSFSWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27mm: Remove mm_sysfs_init if !CONFIG_SYSFSWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27Remove exit function for built-in modulesWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27drivers: Remove exit function for built-in modulesWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27sysfs, pm: Remove resume,suspend If !CONFIG_SYSFS || !CONFIG_PMWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27drivers: Remove driver/base/cpu.o if !CONFIG_SYSFSWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27drivers: Don't call firmware_init() if CONFIG_PREVENT_FIRMWARE_BUILD=yWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27video: sm712: Fix building warningWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27MIPS: Loongson: nano_defconfig: Disable ptraceWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27param: Add init parameter by defaultWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27param: Remove the *.plist files when distcleanWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27scripts: add sizereport.shWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27libata: Allow users only to fill their hardware type in ata_device_blacklist[]Wu Zhangjin
2011-01-27MIPS: Make the watch register support configurableWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27MIPS: Make sys_ptrace configurableWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27MIPS: Loongson: Update nano_defconfigWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27MIPS: Only define screen_info for CONFIG_VGA_CONSOLEWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27MIPS: Loongson: Only register platform devices as neededWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27fb: Make the size of video_options[] configurableWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27clock: Make the size of posix_clocks[] configurableWu Zhangjin
2011-01-27fs: Make the size of chrdevs[] configurableWu Zhangjin